wx4j: A Java Binding for wxWidgets

Java Web Start Applications

Here are some Java Web Start applications. For now, these only run on Linux and Windows. The native libraries are statically linked, so all you need installed on your side is Java Web Start. Java Web Start is automatically installed on Windows along with the JRE/JDK, but needs to be manually installed on Linux. Java Web Start is smart enough to only download the native libraries for your platform. The applications are self-signed, so you will get certificate warnings when trying to run. If you decide to trust us, you can click through and allow the applications to run.

NOTE: The Mac OS X version of Java Web Start does not work with these. OpenJNLP fairs a little better, but still does not work. The applications do work fine from a Java application bundle, though.


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This demonstrates most of the implemented features of wx4j. Source code is viewable while running the demo.

Minimal Sample

Click here to run.

Code: MyApp.java, MyFrame.java

Splitter Sample

Click here to run.

Code: Id.java, MyApp.java, MyFrame.java, MySplitterWindow.java, MyCanvas.java

Tree Sample

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