1. Introduction

wx4j is a Java [2] binding for wxWidgets [3] providing a Java GUI toolkit using native widgets. Since wx4j uses native widgets, it utilizes the native look and feel. This is in contrast to Swing/JFC which tries to mimic the native look and feel, but usually doesn't quite feel right. In this respect, it is very similar to the SWT toolkit used in IBM's Eclipse IDE [1]. But rather than inventing yet another toolkit, wx4j utilizes the proven wxWidgets C++ library and uses SWIG to expose the API in Java. This also means the event loop executes in C++ and is very responsive.

Because the Java class hierarchy and methods are nearly identical to the original C++ library, the standard wxWidgets documentation should be the main documentation. However, there are some differences and subtlties due to the differences between the C++ and Java langauges. This document attempts to describe all the Java specifics for wx4j.