wx4j User's Manual

Author: Dave Dribin

Revision History
Revision 0.12003-04-29
First writeup.


wx4j is a Java binding for wxWidgets, a C++ GUI toolkit. This document provides end user documentation for the wx4j GUI tooklit and should be considered a supplement to the standard wxWidgets documentation, not a replacement.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Global Functions and Constants
3. Handling Events
3.1. Listener Interfaces
3.2. Connecting Events
3.3. Event Handling Techniques
3.4. Custom Events
4. Memory Management
4.1. Dialog Boxes
4.2. Drawing Contexts
5. Control Specific Issues
5.1. wxApp
5.2. wxTreeCtrl
5.2.1. Comparing Tree Items
5.2.2. Setting Item Data
5.3. wxListCtrl
5.3.1. Sorting List Items
6. Threading Issues
6.1. Using the wxJworker Class
6.2. Using the invokeLater Method
6.3. Using the invokeAndWait Method
7. Using Java Resources
8. wxWidgets XML Resources
8.1. Getting Started
8.2. Class Generator
8.3. Output Java
8.4. Ant Task
8.5. IDE Integration
9. Using wx4j in Your Own Application
9.1. Compiling Against wx4j
9.2. Running Your Application
9.2.1. Running on Linux
9.2.2. Running on Windows
9.2.3. Running on Mac OS X
9.3. Using Java Web Start
10. Native Compilation with gcj