wx4j: A Java Binding for wxWidgets


wx4j is a Java binding for wxWidgets providing a Java GUI toolkit using native widgets. Since wx4j uses native widgets, it utilizes the native look and feel. This is in contrast to Swing/JFC which tries to mimic the native look and feel, but usually doesn't quite feel right. In this respect, it is very similar to the SWT toolkit used in IBM's Eclipse IDE. But rather than inventing yet another toolkit, wx4j utilizes the proven wxWidgets C++ library and uses SWIG to expose the API in Java. This also means the event loop executes in C++ and is very responsive.

To test drive the capabilities of wx4j, check out the Java Web Start applications.



Here are screen shots of the exact same application (i.e. the exact same jar file) running on different platforms. The native toolkit library is platform specific, but the application code itself is identical.

Minimal on Linux/GTK

Minimal on Mac OS X

Minimal on Windows 98

Minimal on Windows XP

Wizard on Linux/GTK

Wizard on Mac OS X

Wizard on Windows 98

Wizard on Windows XP

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